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Related article: Date: Sun, 29 Mar 2009 15:15:12 -0700 From: Oregon Bear Subject: After The Night Shift, Part 1This story contains graphic descriptions of adult gay male to male sex. If you are offended by this topic, or it is illegal for you to read this material, please leave this site. After The Night Shift, Part 1. He'd been working late tonight, and I heard the garage door Shy Lolita Toplist close, and the two thuds of his boots in the den, right off of the garage. I could imagine him pulling off the boots, one at a time, and dropping them onto the floor. His big feet padded quietly through the house, Jim trying not to wake me as he crept through the house, on the way to the bathroom. I imagined him stripping off his uniform, unpinning his badge, and throwing his shirt and his uniform pants in the hamper, soon followed by his socks and shorts. He'd be bare assed now, and it was about time. Jim had chosen to work a double shift today, to cover a couple of other guys who were off on vacation. A sergeant now, he worked extra hard to take care of his troops and make sure they had time off with their families. I threw off the blankets and lit a couple of candles in the room, and took out the jar of massage oil that we liked. Jim's back was always tight after a long shift, and I thought I'd surprise him was a nice warm back rub. He wasn't expecting me to be awake at this hour, but I never could really sleep until he was home. Besides, he needed to relax a bit and unwind, before getting to sleep. We both had the next day off, and he needed the rest. I heard the water turn off in the shower, and I could imagine his strong, muscled shoulders now getting rubbed dry by the big soft towel I had laid out for him by the sink earlier tonight. The towel would be gripped by his large, strong hands, and the towel would be tight, as he rubbed it hard against his shoulders and the soft fur across his ass. I could just see the towel sweep down his lean, muscled belly, drying the curls of hair across his chest and belly, and how he'd always dried off his cock and balls, his thick fur around his cock and hefty balls still damp. It was a good thought, and my cock stirred a bit, thinking of his hard, tight ass and my cock pushing deep inside of him, my hands gripping his shoulders and my crotch feeling the heat of his muscular, hard butt, my cock deep inside of him, my balls slapping against his own balls. I liked to take him doggy style. But tonight, well, I had another idea. And, I knew he'd like it. He was that kind of guy. What with our schedules, it had been a long week, and I knew he'd want to bust a nut tonight, after a hard week and no time to play. Jim liked it long and hard, and liked me taking him up his ass. He usually came when I did, and he usually fire hosed his cum hard and fast into my fist, as I stroked him at the same time I filled his ass. Later on, he'd take me in the ass, but he liked us in the missionary position when he did me, liked to look into my eyes as we both shot our loads. I'd poured a shot of his favorite whiskey and left it on the counter next to the towel. He'd appreciate that, I know, after a long day of dealing with all the garbage a cop has to deal with in our town. The scanner had been crackling all evening long, and I had heard his radio number a number of times. My fingers ran through my beard and my moustache. Jim always liked me with a beard, and had gotten me to grow one after we first met. He liked his men lean and hairy, he said, and he said my whiskers rubbing against his cock and balls always made him cum faster and harder. I could almost feel his thick curly moustache against my own cock now, his heavy stubble coarse and scratchy along his cheeks and jaws. He'd added a goatee to his moustache a couple of weeks ago, and I'm hoping to get him to try a beard himself next week, when we both get a week off and head to the lake for some fishing. The bathroom door squeaked a bit, and I heard him come down the hall. I'd shut the bedroom door, so he couldn't see the candles, so he'd still think I was sound asleep. I lay spread eagled on the bed, my cock flopping up against my belly, giving him a full view of what he was going to get tonight, after his hard day at work. Quietly, he turned the door knob and slowly pushed the door open. He broke out into a big grin, watching me open on the bed, my cock ready for him. "Hi, big guy," I said. "I'm sure glad you're home." "Me, too. It was a helluva long day. Sure nice to get home, and, get to see you, all of you," he chuckled. "Whiskey was a nice touch, too, and much needed." Jim was bare assed, his thick cock dancing a bit over his balls as he walked into the room, the candle light catching a bit of dampness on the thick thatch of hair covering his balls and the curls that splayed across his chest, highlighting the pink tips of his broad nipples. I could smell the faint odor of his shampoo and the smell of the whiskey on his breath, as he leaned over me, his strong arms Shy Lolita Toplist straight on the bed, his lips finding mine and giving me a kiss. His cock touched my thigh and moved up my skin, as he moved against me, the heat rising from his chest, and the tufts of our chest and belly hair meshing together as he embraced me, until most of his weight was against my chest. He was hot, his skin damp and red from the shower. I could feel the whiskers of his moustache and goatee against my lips and then, down along my chest, as he nuzzled and kissed my neck and down my chest to the thick patch of fur that lay between my already hard, aching nipples. I could feel his warm breath against my chest, as he sighed; relaxing now, now that he was home. "You need to relax," I whispered. "How about a massage?" Jim sighed. "Mmm. That sounds good. I've been thinking about you all night. Wanting you pretty bad. It's been too long, you know." "I know." My hand moved down from his shoulders, to his furry, hard pecs. His cock, against my thigh, was hot and damp, and I could feel it filling with blood, getting hotter, harder. I could feel his balls in their thick, furry sack rising a bit, the skin loosened by the heat of the shower now tightening, pulling his balls up, under his now almost hard cock. I pushed him over a bit, so he was lying flat on the bed, his cock beginning to move up from his belly, starting to pulse a bit with the beating of his heart. My hand Shy Lolita Toplist grasped him, his manhood hot in my fingers, damp, pulsing, growing. I ran a finger across the wet foreskin, pushing it down Shy Lolita Toplist away from his cockhead, feeling the wetness of his juice, feeling the heat of him, his horniness, his hunger. Slowly, I pumped him once, then again, feeling him harden and lengthen to his full glory, hearing him moan a bit, deep in his thick chest and throat, signaling his need, his lust. My other hand moved across his chest, stroking and pulling at his nipples, and the thick curls of his hair, feeling the increased depth of his breath, his urgency. He moaned again, this time deeper, more urgent. I licked his nipples, feeling them hard and aching on my lips, and then his warm belly, feeling his breath move in and out, listening to the strong beat of his heart resonate across his chest. A new lusty scent rose from his armpits, the thick hair there now wetter, open to my nostrils, as he flung one of his large, meaty arms over his face, exposing the deep, wet crevices of his pit. He smelled musty, hot and sweaty. My mouth lingered here, my nose deep into his hair, my moustache raking across the ends of his curly wet hair, as I inhaled his smell, filling my lungs with my lover's lust. I then moved down, feeling the thick hair around his balls and cock catch in my beard, as my moustache brushed against the wet of his cock head, and the silky tight skin of his shaft, until my lips and my tongue circled the rim of his cockhead, tasting wet, spicy, hot and lusty in my mouth. I licked him slowly, slowly tasting the salty spice of the juices of his cockhead, and the rim around his crown, and the little crevice on the underside of his head, his most sensitive spot, the place I could touch when he was almost ready to cum, begging me for release, his hips thrashing upward, his balls hard and tight, his chest tight and sweaty, as he gasped and moaned, his fists clenched into my shoulders. Jim moaned again, sighing deeply, hungrily, as I tasted him, and took him inside of my lips, surrounding him with my tongue, my cheeks, pushing my whiskers hard against his fur. His hips started to push up a bit, to make a rhythm, and his balls felt hot and sweaty in the palm of my hand, as I moved down to his root, to the base of his manhood, fully taking him for the first time tonight. His calloused fingers gripped hard into my naked shoulders, pulling me down, then pushing me up, helping me to find the rhythm of his hungry cock. His strong hips pushed up against me, his balls fat and hot in my hand, as my saliva dripped out of my mouth and soaked the fur around his balls, and dripped down in the cleft of his butt cheeks, wetting his hole. I wanted him wet, juicy. I wanted him hungry for me, as I was hard now, too, my cock hungry to take my lover, to fuck his sweet, hard ass, and to shoot my load deep inside of his hungry, needy ass. But, not now. Now, it was Jim's time. He needed me, needed my lips and mouth taking his cock, wet and thrusting. This was his dance and he needed to take the lead here, this first dance of the night. His balls were fat and damp in my hand, their heat hot against my skin. His ball sac tightened, the hair bristly against my skin, rubbing me with each thrust of his hips, as he pushed himself into my mouth, his entire length now inside of my mouth, and, with each thrust, my lips ran nearly the full length of his shaft, stroking and pumping his manhood. My little finger moved down, sliding in the slick juice of my saliva dripping from my cock-filled mouth, dripping off of my beard, soaking his balls and flowing down across his hole. Following the wet trail, my finger caressed the outer edge of his hole, and pushed slowly in, feeling his heat and his hole, opening up a bit for me, wanting me to come inside of him. As my finger danced there, I felt the hardness of his first wad of cum against my finger, ready to shoot out of his cock and splash into the night air of the room, exploding and releasing his seed. He was almost ready, but not quiet. It was that delicious time, of being almost at the edge, and wanting to fly over the edge, but yet, not quite ready; wanting the dance to go on and on. We found our rhythm, the room silent now except for Jim's occasional gasps and soft moans, and the wet slurps of my wet lips Shy Lolita Toplist surrounding his thick, hard shaft. The bed springs would creak, in time with the thrusts of his hard, meaty butt cheeks, as he clenched and then released his naked ass with each thrust of his hips, each pump of his cock in my mouth. As Jim came closer and closer to his climax, my own cock was hard, stiff, and hungry. And, I felt the heat from his hole on my finger, and my cock wanted to find its own home and its own release. And, so I pulled my mouth slowly off of the wet, throbbing manhood of my lover, my cop man, and I moved around, pushing his thighs back and open and against his chest, until I was over him, until my cock was pushing hot and eager against his hole, until the thick curls of my own cock nest pushed against his balls, until my own furry belly and chest lay above his wet and aching cock. And, slowly, I pushed inside of him, taking him, entering him with my own steel sword, my cock now aching and hard, and pulsing with my own hot blood. And, I pushed and slid into him, feeling his ass open wide, to take me, feeling his hard, muscular thighs against my shoulders and my ribs and then, my hips, as we became one, united. We moved together, rediscovering the rhythm we had made as I had held him deep in my mouth, until my groin and my belly and my fur rubbed wet and bristly against his cock. Deeper and deeper I went, feeling my cockhead rub against his prostate, feeling him open to my cock, feeling his heat and his strength take me. We danced. We sweat, and we moaned, and the bed creaked and rattled and banged against the wall, as we gasped and moaned and until sweat ran down from my wet armpits, and down my ribs and dripped onto the wet, sweaty fur of my man, his wet, hard cock hard and slippery against me. And the dance continued as time stopped and we felt nothing but what was our cocks and our holes and our hard, sweaty chests and our full, aching balls, and it was all the same thing and all the same hunger. Until, at last, we pushed each other off of the edge of our climb and until long ropes of sticky wet cum erupted from our balls and our wet, enflamed cocks. And, again, we each shook and spasmed and shot our manly seed, our balls now aching and drained, our groins matted and sprayed with cum and sweat and saliva, our hearts beating wild in our chests. Drained and spent, we lay next to each other, the cool air drying our sweat and our cum, the candle light flickering against wet skin and splashes of pearly cum and matted hair and still gasping chests and wet armpits and crotches. "I'm glad you stayed up for me tonight."Copyright 2009. Oregon Bear
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